Agyness Deyn at the Mulberry party. Photo: Eugene Kim/

On Tuesday night, Mulberry picked up England's famous Glastonbury Festival - a multi-day musical extravaganza now celebrating its 40th anniversary -and plopped it down in Manhattan, complete with tents, bales of hay, liquor and, of course, live bands.

The staff even wore the Glastonbury uniform – Wellies – although the venue was blessedly mud-free. The party celebrated photographer Venetia Dearden's new book "Glastonbury, Another Stage," and Mulberry stores in London and New York will showcase the images. The collaboration was natural, Dearden says, because she grew up next door to the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, also home to Mulberry's factory. "It's a really nice linkage from all of our roots, where it's all from," she explained.

Mulberry creative director Emma Hill has experienced the muddy festival. "Every time I went, it was always raining, and you wake up, and go, 'Oh my god, I'm, like, in a river,'" Hill told StyleList. (And yes, this fashion executive admits that she has ruined good pieces in the Glastonbury mess.) "But it's really fun; very English."

Cue British model Agyness Deyn, a Glastonbury regular. "One year it was the early hours of the morning, obviously no one's been to bed yet, and they're delivering all the stuff for the bar in a forklift truck," Deyn said. "So me and my friends jumped in the forklift thing and drove it off. We stole it." Another time, all of Deyn's clothes were ruined in a muddy deluge. "One day I literally had underwear on, and Wellies," she told us; fortunately, the undies were floral and looked like a bikini.

American festivals have climatic challenges, too. Michelle Trachtenberg says that while there is no mud at Coachella in the California desert, the heat is a problem. "I had heatstroke and passed out while watching Madonna," the New Yorker said. "I guess I don't know how to dress for hundred-degree desert weather, and I was in these awesome vintage leather riding boots and jeans, and it was a terrible idea and I just got dehydrated."

Chanel Iman didn't make that mistake; she wore shorts and a short T-shirt at Coachella. "I'm from California, so I know what parts are going to be hot," she explained, as the band Chairlift performed on the terrace. Later in the evening, Kelis made a surprise appearance and treated party-goers to a rocking set, sans mud.

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