Ryan Seacrest in Burberry on 'American Idol.' Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

If you think Ryan Seacrest has been looking sharper lately, the image evolution hasn't been an accident. His immaculate look throughout Season 9 of American Idol -- which concludes tonight -- has been courtesy of Burberry, the upper-crust British label that has been dressing gents and gentry since 1856.

His wardrobe for the two-night finale comprises not one but two Burberry mohair tuxedos, black for Tuesday's installment and navy blue for tonight. (Because really, is one mohair tuxedo ever enough?)

But it has been a long style journey to get Seacrest as well-dressed as he is.

His stylist Miles Siggins, who works for both the American Idol show and Seacrest in a personal capacity, winces at some earlier looks -- even some for which he was responsible!

"I joined American idol in season two, and there have been some fashion mistakes along the way," Siggins told StyleList with a chuckle yesterday, just hours before the first part of the finale.

"Back then the look was very Euro-centric, there was one cream suit with wide legs that I wouldn't do again. But it wasn't just the suit, it was the blond-tipped spiky hair. At the time it was great, and it was how he wanted to appear at the time. But his look has definitely matured, it's been refined."

American Idol wardrobe stylist Miles Siggins talks with Ryan Seacrest about his clothing

There are certainly no wide pant legs this season: Seacrest's look has settled into slim-line suits based on Burberry's Prorsum line, but made with more traditional fabrics. (Siggins explains that Prorsum usually features more high-tech materials in its range. Prorsum, which means "forward" in Latin, is the motto on the banner of the knight which is Burberry's main logo.)

In a love-fest of comments released yesterday, Seacrest said: "I can see why [Burberry Chief Creative Officer] Christopher Bailey is one of our top designers today. Burberry suits are cut in a clean and classic manner, yet each one has an extremely modern and unique look. I was thrilled to wear his sophisticated designs throughout this season of American Idol."

Bailey in turn said: "Ryan's style, energy and ability to connect to his audience is both incredibly natural and inspiring. He always looks impeccable whether in jeans and a t shirt, a tailored suit or a structured tuxedo. It's an enormous pleasure working with Ryan. He's one cool dude!"

Meanwhile Siggins, who has also worked with Joe Cocker and Michael Buble, is intent on making Hollywood a better-dressed place, one celebrity at a time.

"It's my mission in life to get every guy in a suit," he told StyeList.