Karen Rovinovitz, the founder of Purple Lab and creator of Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss, dishes on the trials and tribulations of creating your own makeup line. Read her all her Beauty bLab columns here.

One of the SATC fans we made over in line. Courtesy Photo

Confession: I went to the Sex & the City Premiere two years ago.

I cliche'd out in a Lanvin cocktail dress, the tallest heels I own (almost seven inches, thanks to Fendi), and headed to Radio City Music Hall. Armed with two tickets and the "I don't wait in lines" Carrie-tude, my friend Christina and I couldn't contain our excitement... until we got there.

The line was four city blocks long. It was complete mayhem. There would be no pushing my way to the front. So we gave two Japanese tourists my tickets and went for sushi instead. Wasted glamour!

Monday's premiere of the sequel, perhaps the most anticipated film of the year, however, was a different story.

This time, I took another approach. I stormed the scene with my girls from Purple Lab (the beauty brand I founded in the span between the two SATC movies), all wearing skinny jeans, cute Purple Lab purple tees, slashed to reveal a little shoulder, and one key accessory: retro style cigarette trays, wrapped in purple velvet and harnessed to their bodies. A moving beauty counter of products!

I thought, if Purple Lab can't afford to be there as an official sponsor, we could certainly street-team-it. It's the best audience I could imagine -- pop culture loving, style obsessed girls who love all things fab and glam!

We offered makeup touch-ups and SATC makeovers to gaggles of girls and gave out ring pops (what better snack for the movies?) and Foot Petals (a must-have for hours of heel-wearing).

The Purple Lab street team. Courtesy Photo

Don't worry - we brought hand sanitizer and a billion applicators to keep it totally sanitary. New Yorkers tend to be germaphobic.

While stationed outside of the Duane Reade on 51st Street, the women who worked there started to knock on the window to find out about our products. I was showing them by holding them up against the window!

Then one came out to try out some gloss and get my card (she wanted to show it to the buyer - you know how Duane Reade has that new chic beauty division with luxe brands? We'll see what happens.)

It was a success of "Big" standards.


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