jessica stroup michelle williams pixie haircut

Jessica Stroup (left) and Michelle Williams (right). Photos: Jordan Strauss/ | Getty Images

Spring has sprung, and for many Hollywood stars the warmer weather has inspired a cooler new 'do. Take a look at these celebs who have recently chopped off their locks in favor of a shorter, ultra-chic style:

Michelle Williams debuted her new platinum blonde pixie cut at the Cannes Film Festival last week while promoting her new movie, "Blue Valentine."Marie Robinson, celebrity colorist and owner of her namesake salon in New York City is the mastermind behind the new, lighter shade and stylist Jessica Gillin of the salon is responsible for the super chic cut.

90210's Jessica Stroup switched up her classic bob with a cropped, pixie cut. "I wanted to do the Audrey Hepburn thing," the stunning actress told People magazine at the Young Hollywood Awards. "What sold it was when I was walking down the street outside my house, and one of my neighbors was rocking the short hair," she said. "And I finally I took a picture [of her] and said, 'I'm going to copy you, are you cool with that?'" Stroup's smile and confidence only add to this look. "A lot of people don't recognize me, and a lot people think that I'm a boy," she jokes. "But some people think it's chic, and when I hear that I have to give them a big hug."

Renée Zellweger (left), Kate Beckinsale (center) and Janet Jackson (right). Photos: Getty Images For Tribeca Film Fe |Isaac Brekken/ | Rotello/MCP/

Renée Zellweger chopped off her hair into a pixie also. "It was sort of a job hazard sort of thing," Zellweger told People magazine at the Tribeca Film festival premiere of her film "My Own Love Song". "It's not worth keeping after a while," she explained. "It had to go." Celebrity stylist, Lori McCoy-Bell, trimmed this Oscar-winner's tresses while on set one day. "She cut it in the dining room," Zellweger said. "She was very brave. She just grabbed chunks of it, twisted it and shredded. She did a great job -- I was just really glad that the other stuff was gone."

Kate Beckinsale took inches off her long, wavy locks and is now rocking a shoulder-length 'do. When speaking about her shorter, new look, the actress -- formerly voted England's number one beauty, told People magazine, "Oh you know, summer, let the breeze hit my neck!"

Other stars stepping into Spring with a shorter style include "Project Runway" host, Heidi Klum, who debuted a layered, shoulder-length bob with blunt bangs, Janet Jackson with a super short, sleek cut and Hayden Panettiere with a choppy, slick-backed style. And who could forget Jessica Simpson with her sporty new 'do?

Tell us what you think about these Hollywood stars who are cutting it all off (and see more, here!). Does it inspire you to want to do the same?

For this formerly long-locked gal, a pixie cut change her life!