Lee DeWyze American Idol hair

Lee DeWyze. Photo: Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com

The votes may be in for this season's "American Idol" winner, Lee DeWyze (who has great hair, by the way), so we thought it only fitting to do a recap of the last nine seasons and get your vote on which contestants have rocked the stage -- not necessarily with the best vocals, but with the best and worst hair, of course!

Here are the top nine most memorable hair Idols when they were on the show:

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson: Who can forget the original Idol who started this whole frenzy? When she first appeared on the show, we loved Clarkson's shoulder-length, bouncy 'do with chunky highlights. However, "since she's been gone", her hair has been another story!

Season 2: Clay Aiken: Maybe the best bedhead we've seen. Short, choppy layers were lathered up with gobs of gel to create an ultra messy, spiked look for this pop star dad.

Kelly Clarkson Clay Aiken Jennifer Hudson american idol hair

Kelly Clarkson (left) Clay Aiken (center) and Jennifer Hudson (right). Photos: Getty Images (3)

Season 3: Jennifer Hudson: The Oscar and Grammy winning performer gave new meaning to the term "big hair" when she and her mega curls stepped on the "Idol" stage.

Season 4: Bo Bice: Rocker, hippie or biker dude? Bo could pass for any one of these with his long, straight strands, bushy eyebrows and make-shift goatee.

Kellie Pickler Jordin Sparks Adam Lambert american idol hair

Kellie Pickler (left) Jordin Sparks (center) and Adam Lambert (right). Photos: Getty Images for Fox | Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com | Toby/Bauer-Griffin.Com

Season 5: Kellie Pickler: This country girl may have endured her share of "dumb blonde" jokes, but short, long, cropped or curly, her hair always looks smart to us.

Season 6: Jordin Sparks: Jordin's long, flowing curls helped create her signature look. Although, straightening her locks made it appear more like a "battlefield" was going on. We say, "Keep the curls. Why mess with a good thing?"

Season 7: Jason Castro: Put this flower-child in the 1960s and he would have fit right in with his long dreadlocks and hippie style.

Season 8: Adam Lambert: Poofy, punked, edgy, slicked, spiked -- you name it, this modern-day Elvis has worn his hair like it.

Season 9: Crystal Bowersox: While many wanna-be Idols notably changed their looks throughout the show, like it or not, Crystal Bowersox was firm about keeping her dreads.

Cast your votes and tell us who you think had the most memorable hair during their "Idol" reign!

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