Glee Star Lea Michele. Photo: Getty Images

On FOX's runaway hit "Glee," Lea Michele's character Rachel Berry isn't shy about breaking into song when the time is right.

On a very different set constructed in the historic Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles, the actress channeled that same energy into a viral video for the new Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner. Parodying Dove's "Favorite Things" campaign, Michele belts out the famous tune while getting pro tips from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan.

Clad in a thick and comfy terry cloth robe for a behind-the-scenes dressing room shot, Michele sat down with StyleList to chat exclusively about her own guilty pleasures and beauty must-haves.

The Dove Hair campaign is all about taking care of your hair while enjoying your favorite things, what are your personal guilty pleasures?

Lea Michele: Dark chocolate and vegan cupcakes! My guilty pleasure used to be cheese but since I've become a vegan I've found that vegan desserts taste better than any regular dessert, so that's what I go to immediately. I'm obsessed with Smart Water. I drink it all day long. I used to be a really big coffee drinker and then I just decided to cut down. As far as beauty products I have to say I've always had Dove in my house. I'm not just saying this because we're shooting a Dove commercial! The new Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is really, really fantastic for all of the stuff that my hair goes through.

StyleList: As an actress your hair must go through a lot just by being on set all day.

Lea Michele: It goes through so much. There are days (on "Glee") where I'll do scenes like the slushy scenes when, if it doesn't go right, they have to reset which means they have to wash and blow dry my hair again. I've had to wash, blow dry, straighten and curl my hair four times in one day. And I have hair extensions because my character has longer hair than I do, so it goes through a lot. The cool thing about this product, too, is that you don't have to be on a television show (to use it). People damage their hair everyday by putting brushes through their hair and hair bands and things like that.

StyleList: What is a must-have beauty product that you can't leave home without?

Lea Michele: I can't leave home without my Laura Mercier concealer and I have this incredible Chanel lip balm that moisturizes my lips.

StyleList: If you're short on time, what's one quick makeup application you do before you leave the house?

Lea Michele: I always just use a tinted moisturizer. I think if you have good skin and a nice fresh face then you look good. And I'll just pull my hair back in a bun or something.


StyleList: What's the best pro tip you have learned?

I'm not a really big girly-girl in that sense, but for me the most important thing that I've learned is to brush your hair at night and wash your face. I know that sounds very elementary but it's the honest truth. I wash my face and then I use my Clarisonic Face Brush to really get the makeup off. If you brush your hair and put it in a braid at night you see such a difference in how you look the next day than if you just tossed your hair up or didn't take of your makeup off properly. You wake up looking like a raccoon -- a really tired one!

StyleList: What's the worst hair crime you've ever committed?

Lea Michele:I have really curly hair so when I was in high school, if I kept my hair curly, that would mean putting a lot of gel in it and crunching the curls. Now that I'm older, when I get out of the shower, especially if it's a weekend, I'll just keep my hair wet and let it dry naturally. I'll put in a little conditioner or styling cream, but nothing crunchy. I'm also very spontaneous with my hair. I've been known to be somewhere, like a photo shoot, and have someone cut all of my hair off, literally. I don't ever regret it, but it doesn't mean it always looks good!

StyleList: So you're willing to take risks with your hair?

Lea Michele:Oh, I always do. You have to have fun and as long as you're taking care of it, that's what matters. I like changing up my look as much as I can, which I can't too much because of the show.

StyleList: Do you prefer having shorter hair?

Lea Michele:I like longer better, so it's not going to happen again.

StyleList: What's your skincare regimen like?

Lea Michele:I really love using Kate Somerville products and Clarisonic is fantastic. AMOREPACIFIC products are really, really good. I don't wear makeup on the weekends when I'm not filming. When I'm not filming this summer I don't plan on wearing any makeup at all!

StyleList: On "Glee" your character's style is very school girl preppy, if you could give her one piece of fashion advice, what would you tell her?

Lea Michele:I actually really love Rachel's fashion. I work hand-in-hand with our wardrobe stylist but all of Rachel's clothes are in my trailer and I'll piece things together. I know Rachel pretty well now to the point where I know what she would wear. Rachel won't wear a brown skirt, a red shirt and black tights. She'll wear orange tights. Maybe someone would tell her not to do that but I think it's great and it's what makes her, her.

StyleList: How would you describe your personal style?

Lea Michele:It's very sort of urban comfortable. I love getting dressed up for events and stuff like that but in my normal life I'm all about comfy jeans and comfy shirts. I think it's important to be comfortable but still look put together. It's about how comfortable I can get without looking like I just got out of bed. I'm from New York and there's a very specific sort of style I feel in New York and it may not fit in here in Los Angeles but that's who I am.

StyleList: What's your fashion weakness?

Lea Michele:I buy a lot of tops. I know that may sound weird to you but I don't own a lot of shoes or jeans, I literally just buy the same shirt over and over again. It's a baggy, very comfy, loose, soft shirt or sweater. I love the boyfriend cardigans.

StyleList: With summer quickly approaching, which trend are you most looking forward to?

Lea Michele:I want to wear a long dress every day. That's all I want to do. I want to wear a long, flowy summer dress all day long with flats.

StyleList: Who is your style icon?

Lea Michele:I love Nicole Richie's style. I think everything I see her in as far as her everyday and red carpets, she looks really great. It's very sort of bohemian but it's her own, and it's always nice and put together.

Watch Michele's "Favorite Things" spot, above!