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The cast of 'Sex and the City 2' glam it up. Photo: AP

While we love the four ladies in "Sex and the City," everyone knows it's the fifth character that gets our hearts racing – the products.

And SATC2 is just chock full of some bits we know we're all going to be talking about for weeks after the movie's release date of May 27.

The over-the-top white wedding will be inspirational to some, but it's Carrie's Dior tuxedo that's going to get the fashion girls agog. (Much like her famed bird-laden veil in the first film.)

Samantha (and some other unexpected characters in this film) is quite taken with Suzanne Somers book "Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness," literally taking 44 pills daily on its advice. "I've tricked my body into thinking it's young again," she said, to which Miranda replies, "I've tricked my body into thinking it's thinner. It's called Spanx," bringing on a glam moment for those power panties.

Still on Samantha's campaign to remain young, she chooses to wear a short, strapless gown to Smith Jerrod's movie premiere. On the carpet, she finds her 50-something self standing next to teen queen Miley Cyrus, wearing the same dress. "That's awkward times two," Project Runway's Tim Blank says from the sidelines, but the two embrace.

The trip to the Middle East was a blur of over the top ensembles – this is where this film morphs into a costume drama – some of the best bits though were Miranda's menswear-inspired outfit for shopping, Samantha's swimsuits, complete with matching metallic Minx nails, and Charlotte's travel suit that was straight from the 1950s.

Grab your charge cards girls, we're going shopping!

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