yves saint laurent garden fountain cactus boutique at majorelle garden, marrakech

The fountain at Majorelle Garden. Photo: Mark Marino for AOL

Shame on you, Carrie Bradshaw!

In "Sex and the City 2," the style-obsessed Manhattanite spends some time browsing the souks of Marrakech, Morocco (standing in for Abu Dhabi on the big screen), when she should know that the true shopper's paradise is the onetime home of Yves Saint Laurent, Majorelle Garden.

Nestled among palm trees, cacti, rosebushes, and geranium, the boutique at Majorelle Garden recently underwent a face-lift, transforming from a traditional touristy gfit shop to a chic hot spot stocked with Euro-Moroccon-flavored must-haves, including colorful jewelry, Liberty-print babouche slippers and handbags, embroidered cushions, and the Jardin Majorelle women's clothing line.

The glam makeover comes courtesy of Bernard Sanz, who was handpicked by Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé to reinvent the boutique that resides on their lush property.

Yves Saint Laurent memorial Majorelle Garden Marrakech

Yves Saint Laurent's memorial at Majorelle Garden. Photo: Mark Marino for AOL

"My inspiration comes on the one hand from the spirit and legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, and on the other from traditional Moroccan clothing and craftsmanship. It really is a marriage of the two," Sanz, who previously worked at Balmain, Hermès, and YSL Rive Gauche, tells StyleList.

Indeed, that perfect union is illustrated in items as simple as a woven belt, traditionally Moroccan in appearance but incorporating the bright colors that appeared in Saint Laurent's collections.

Though Sanz has teamed up with designer Fadila el Gadi for the gorgeous Jardin Majorelle clothing line -- which includes one-of-a-kind floral-print tunics and chiffon caftans -- his priority is to continue the work of Saint Laurent, whose ashes were scattered in Majorelle Garden following his death in 2008 (a memorial stands in the garden today).

"I have the most profound respect for the work of Yves Saint Laurent, for the attention he gave to color and the quality of the workmanship," Sanz tells StyleList. "I try to concentrate on these things and, in doing so, hopefully honor his memory."

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