Altru Artistry's Masala Chai Candle Tocca's Agadir Candle

Altru Artistry's Masala Chai Candle (left) and Tocca's Agadir Candle (right). Photos courtesy of Altru | courtesy of Tocca

When the United Arab Emirates deemed "Sex and the City" too racy and banned it from shooting in Dubai (which would stand in for the movie's Middle East locale, Abu Dhabi), execs turned to another sultry foreign hot spot: Morocco.

And if ever there was an exotic destination tailored to the chic beauty tastes of the perpetually lip-glossed and fabulously dressed Carrie crew, Morocco is it.

Beauty products in the North African nation are influenced by centuries of trade with both European and African countries, and focus primarily on the ritual of bathing and caring for skin and hair, which many natives view as an integral part of health and well-being.

C.O. Bigelow's Rose Absolute Essential Oil. Photo courtesy of C.O. Bigelow

In other words, Manolo Blahnik has nothing on this kind of indulgence.

"When you think of Morocco, you think of hammam baths, absolute rose oil, amber, and the scent of the sweet tobacco blends of the golden beaches of Agadir. The Moroccan hammam is a bathhouse or spa, and its objective is to get you so clean that you sparkle," says Ian Ginsberg, a chemist with C.O. Bigelow, which prides itself on scouring the world for the best beauty products and offering them to American customers. "You soak, exfoliate, and relax with olive oil, argan oil, and black soap."

Among the Moroccan-influenced beauty treatments now available in the United States: Kajame Liquid Black Soap, which is made from pure olive and argan oil as well a Moroccan red clay that removes toxins and impurities from the skin. Moroccans traditionally hydrate their bodies with oils, like the rich argan and apricot stone oils found in Kajame Huile Precieuse Fruits De Maroc. Rose oil, known for its regenerating and natural astringent properties, is especially popular. Holistically, the flower is believed to be an aphrodisiac that calms nerves, relieves stress, and balances female hormones. (We're not sure how Samantha Jones would feel about that.) C.O. Bigelow's Rose Absolute Essential Oil can be enjoyed in the bath or in a burner.

For a truly relaxing experience, complement your bath with soothing incense or candles in signature Moroccan scents. Tocca's Agadir candle captures the aroma of rich tobacco burning in a narghile pipe, while Altru Artistry's Masala Chai candle is a mix of simmering spices, black tea, and rich vanilla.

Moroccanoil products

Moroccanoil products. Photo courtesy of Moroccanoil

And the current cult hair product Moroccanoil is part of an entire hair-care line containing oil harvested from Moroccan argan nuts through a fair-trade program that provides thousands of families with economic support in the southern region of the Morocco. Revenue helps to improve the working conditions of rural women and is used for literacy and management classes for the locals.

We think the Carrie and company would toast to that.

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