Model Veronica Webb at the Eucerin Skin First Council meeting in NY. Courtesy photo.

You wouldn't believe it from looking at her now, but Veronica Webb battled weight issues following the 2002 and 2004 births of her daughters.

StyleList caught up with the 45-year-old former Revlon model, actress, and TV host at a Eucerin event in New York, where she joined dermatologists and other health experts on the Eucerin Skin First Council, which aims to educate people on the importance of healthy skin for themselves and their loved ones.

"Healthy skin has a high impact on self-esteem. Things like acne and psoriasis can give people so much anguish," says Webb. "And as mothers, we often put ourselves last. After I had my babies, I was so concerned with everything I put on their skin, but that led to me questioning what I was putting on my own skin and paying more attention to my wellness."

Webb attributes her flawless complexion (really, we had trouble spotting pores!) to drinking water "like a fish" and washing with unscented, dye-free glycerin soap -- a habit her nurse mother instilled in her from childhood.

Considering her svelte figure following the births of Leila, 7, and Molly, 6, we had to ask: Has the supermodel had any nips or tucks?

"I had two C-sections in 16 months. I don't want to ever have surgery again. Never!" Webb tells StyleList.

"I was 60 pounds heavier not too long ago, and it was not an easy road to lose it. I had to reconfigure my head from wanting to be thin to wanting to grow stronger. I took up yoga because of its nonjudgmental environment. The first time I got on that yoga mat, I cried. It took time, but I slowly got my strength and confidence back."

Webb has since completed her first marathon, taken up boxing, and is even experimenting with capoeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts.

"I wouldn't have had the courage to try any of this without having taken that first step with yoga," says Webb, adding that growing stronger and healthier should be a community goal, whether it involves skin care or fitness.

"We need to start talking about beauty and fashion in a larger context," she says, "and watch out for one another."

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