K. Cooper Ray with Lucy Sykes Rellie and Euan Rellie. Photo: Neil Rasmus/Patrick McMullan

There's something about a bow tie that adds life to the room.

"Whenever I wear a bow tie, I know what it feels like to be a beautiful man," K. Cooper Ray told StyleList recently. "Wherever you go, women light up when they see you in a bow tie. I like the way it feels."

Ray, the creator of Social Primer, a blog/rant on manners and the good life, was waxing about his favorite accessory at the debut of the Social Primer for Brooks Brothers collection of reversible bow ties.

Ray and his fellow bow tie-loving social types took over the third floor of the retailer's flagship on Madison Avenue in New York City.

For Brooks Brothers, forging this partnership was a natural. "Bow ties are, without a doubt the fastest growing segment of our neckwear business," Jeff Blee, the divisional merchandise manager at Brooks told StyleList. "Sales have been up double digits for the past two years."

And bow ties are not just for that glasses-wearing, earnest man. "Bow ties have long been the go-to-tie for a waiter, an architect, a doctor – anyone who is leaning down all day long," Blee explained. "Social Primer for Brooks Brothers is taking it to a whole other level."

"We've been trying to bring back bow ties," Blee continued. "Years ago there was an event called 'Bow Tie Thursday' at Brooks. We've been trying to bring it back. There's a core group of guys here at Brooks Brothers that are doing it. There's really not a day that goes by when someone in the office is not wearing a bow tie – it's cool."

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