Joumana Nammour Al-Jazeera news anchorwoman clothing controversy

Al-Jazeera anchorwoman Joumana Nammour. Photo: Al Jazeera

Turns out your boss isn't the worst boss on the planet after all.

Five female newscasters on the Arab Al-Jazeera channel have quit in protest after harsh criticism about their fashion choices from a network higher-up, the Telegraph reports.

Anchorwomen Joumana Nammour (left), Lina Zahr al Din, Jullinar Mousa, Luna al-Shibl, and Nawfar Afli are said to have handed in their resignations after alleging that deputy editor-in-chief Ayman Jaballah made ''offensive'' comments about their on-air appearance because they wore makeup, left their hair uncovered, and did not dress conservatively, according to the paper.

Photos show the women wearing blazers and blouses similar to those seen on American news stations.

After failing to investigate the situation until the women quit last week, Al-Jazeera reportedly issued an inquiry that backed Jaballah, saying that the station was within its rights to weigh in on how its employees dressed.

"The on-screen style and general appearance of broadcasters and announcers are the legal right of the network to determine and develop," Al-Jazeera reportedly said, noting its responsibility to "the spirit and principles of the channel and the image it wishes to present."

The channel will reportedly create a code of conduct regarding appearance to eliminate any issues in the future.

Though the presenters have yet to go public with their side of the story, Arab bloggers are claiming that Jaballah was "attempting to impose one political and ideological view" on the channel, the Telegraph reports.

What do you think? Should a channel representing the Arab world be subject to Islamic dress standards, or is this a step backward? Leave a comment.

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