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Can skirt sales predict the weather? Photo: Getty Images

Looks like Mother Nature is off the hook.

Yep -- you can lay the blame for this summer's sweltering heatwaves on, um, eBay, the Daily Mail reports.

The e-tailer claims that through ''miniskirt meteorology'' it can forecast the weather based on the lengths of the skirts its customers buy online, according to the paper.

Now, who's going to break the news to Al Roker?

Sales analysts at eBay reportedly say that hemlines of skirts purchased through the site rise at least three days before a sunny stretch of weather, and drop ahead of a cold spell.

''We're calling it Miniskirt Meteorology,'' eBay's Ruth Szyszkowski told the Daily Mail.

''If you want to know what the weather is going to be like in three days, just take a look at hemlines.''

The site claims that it accurately predicted Britain's weather last year, according to the source. (Big deal, so can we: rain, rain, rain...)

During a rare recent British heatwave, sales of short skirts reportedly went up 200 percent a full seven days in advance, ahead of weather forecasts.

So... either eBay shoppers are psychic, or Al Gore has a whole lotta leggy gals in minis he needs to eliminate.

Meanwhile, beat the heat with waterproof makeup.