katharine hamnett eco-friendly swimwear yoox blue polka dot halter bikini retro swimwear

Katharine Hamnett's eco-friendly organic cotton bikini, $175, sold exclusively on Yoox.com. Photo courtesy of Yoox.com

Coinciding with the horrific oil spill in the Gulf Coast, eco-friendly British designer Katharine Hamnett launched the Katharine Hamnett Beach Save the Sea capsule collection today.

Sold exclusively on Yoox.com, the collection is part of YOOXYGEN, Yoox.com's environmentally conscious initiative. A percentage of sales from Hamnett's line will benefit farmers in West Africa through the Fashioning a Better Future project.

"I have called this collection Save the Sea, as the sea that we all love is dying due to the impact of human activities such as oil spill, sewage dumping, industrial pollution, agriculture chemical fertilizers and pesticide run-off, lack of fish stock management, over fishing [and] pirate fishing, which can possibly lead to the extinction of species," Hamnett, an eco-activist since the '80s, said in a statement.

"It's important as consumers and voters that we all know the facts, so that we can do what is needed to save it."

Shoppers can take action by purchasing one of the 14 styles -- priced $59-$185 -- which were inspired by 1950s bombshell beachwear and include ruched one-pieces that fit snugly over the hips, halter top polka-dot bikinis, sleek cover-ups like a flowing organic silk beach dress, flirty playsuits, beach totes, towels, and tees with the Save the Sea slogan, and even men's trunks.

All of the products are made of ethically sourced sustainable fabrics, organic cotton, and just a small amount of recyclable polyester.

To hear more about Hamnett's collection and the cause, watch Yoox's interview with the designer here.

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