lindsay lohan scram ankle bracelet alcohol monitoring bracelet photo shoot

Lohan poses during a photo shoot in all black and her alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Photo: / Splash News

Maybe Lindsay Lohan is taking her role as porn star Linda Lovelace a little too seriously. After a week of keeping herself covered up, the actress has decided to bare all, revealing her SCRAM bracelet in a new photo shoot.

In one of the daring shots, the troubled 23-year-old -- who will portray the late Lovelace in the upcoming biopic "Inferno" -- shows off the alcohol-monitoring accessory in a pair of cuffed jeans, her bare feet propped up on a table littered with empty soda cans (including Red Bull, natch!), a pack of cigarettes, and a ketchup bottle.

A second photo features a more chic Lohan dressed in black and seated on the floor, putting her not-quite-best foot forward to flash her SCRAM -- along with her perfectly polished silver-blue toenails.

"To alleviate the chase to get the first shot of the SCRAM bracelet, it was a good decision to supply one to the public," Lohan said in a statement, according to the UK's Daily Mail newspaper.

The former teen queen, who had been keeping the device under wraps by wearing boots, peeled off her knee-high footwear for photographer Tyler Shields last Friday.

The shots will appear in his new book, "The Dirty Side of Glamour," the Daily Mail reports, and proceeds from the sale of the photos will go to an undisclosed alcohol-education charity.

Lohan was ordered by a judge two weeks ago to wear the SCRAM tag, following a court appearance related to a 2007 DUI incident. Later, the leggings designer took to Twitter and pleaded with Chanel to supply her with stickers so the bracelet might look stylish with a "chic dress."

Now, however, the star seems to have had a change of heart and adopted Lovelace's attitude: If you've got it, flaunt it.

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