Looks like L'Oréal is off the hook.

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has cleared the beauty brand over its use of hair extensions in a shampoo commercial, the Telegraph reports.

As we previously reported, viewers had complained about the ad because spokesmodel Cheryl Cole was wearing hair extensions while extolling the virtues of her "stronger, full of life, replenished" locks.

Though L'Oréal noted the extensions, the ASA received 40 complaints that the ad was misleading, according to the paper.

However, an ASA investigation reportedly found that the shampoo's results were realistic and could be achieved by users who didn't have hair extensions and a fancy team of makeup artists and hair dressers. (Phew!)

"We considered most consumers would interpret the ads to mean the product would have an effect on the look and feel of hair that was weak, limp, lifeless, dull or straw-like," the ASA told the Telegraph.

"However, they were likely to understand that individual results would vary according to their own hair type."

Got it. As long as those orgasmic Herbal Essences ads are true to life, we can live with a fake extension or two.

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