Meryl Steep rocked gray locks as the fashionable Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada." Photo: 20th Century Fox

Gray hair doesn't have to be traumatizing. It doesn't have to take away your youth. And it doesn't have to send your bank account into the red.

According to a panel of experts on the "Today" show (watch the clip below), gray hair can, in fact, be beautiful, liberating and sometimes even rebellious -- although you'd never know it by women in the spotlight these days.

Out of the 93 women in Congress, only five have gray hair -- which is five more than the female Fortune 500 CEOs. And with a few minor exceptions (like Jamie Lee Curtis), we all know what Hollywood thinks of silvery strands.

Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure has said, "People want to look young so they're given roles, they're given opportunities, they're given jobs, so they're not thought of on the verge of retirement."

But not all women agree.

One group in particular -- the Silver Sisters Club in New York City, has stopped coloring their grays and are proud of their new, natural look. "There is a part of rebelliousness about it," says member, Suzanne Fleishmann. "You can present yourself as you are." Another member, Deidre Michael, says, "For the first time, I love my hair."

If you're concerned about your sex appeal with silvery strands, don't be says Anne Kreamer, author of "Going Gray." As she's previously told StyleList, her gray-haired photo on actually attracted three times as many men versus her dyed-hair photo. "I am who I am. You're getting what you see," she explains.


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As liberating as it is to embrace your natural state, gray hair doesn't come without work. These experts say that keeping a shiny, healthy-looking head still requires using certain products, matching your natural color palette and having a great cut.

"I think going forward we're going to see more and more women daring to go gray," says More Magazine's beauty editor, Genevieve Monsma. "It's the most popular topic on the web site right now."

Are you loving your silvery strands? Try these styling tips!