Philip Treacy Brad Pitt

Philip Treacy (left) and Brad Pitt (right). Photos: Getty Images (2)

Wanted: One Hollywood hunk to play a mad hatter.

Not so fast, Johnny Depp. When it comes to casting an actor to play himself on the big screen, star milliner Philip Treacy has just one man in mind: Brad Pitt, Vogue UK reports.

Treacy, who is developing a biopic devoted to his longtime muse, the late Isabella Blow, has cited the dreamy Mr. Pitt as his ideal choice.

"I am trying desperately to forget that someone will actually have to play me in this film," Treacy told Vogue.

"I would never want to appear in it myself -- I am a hat designer, not an actor.

"Acting isn't my forte. If I could pick anyone I'd run with Brad Pitt but it's wishful thinking and perhaps not very likely I know."

Hey, why not shoot for the moon? We're still trying to secure Angelina Jolie for our future biopic.

John Galliano is also rumored to star in the film, which will reportedly be produced by Anders Palm and written by Max Nesome.

Details are scarce on who will play the eccentric Blow, but our money's on Treacy fan Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, check out the Treacy headpiece Sarah Jessica Parker wore to last week's "Sex and the City 2" London premiere.