Protect your precious color with EverPure UV Protect Spray. Courtesy photo

Hair really takes a beating during the summer -- chlorine, saltwater, UV rays and heat all join forces to damage healthy hair. Isn't it sad to watch your formerly shiny, bouncy hair go dull and dry, and your (expensive!) highlights turn brassy?

L'Oréal Paris feels your pain. They've come out with four new products to keep your gorgeous hair in fighting shape all summer long.

EverPure UV Protect Spray: Do yourself a favor and toss this little gem into your beach bag. It contains UV filters to help protect your hair color from fading, so reapply often. Plus, any stylist will tell you that if your hair is already wet when you get in the water it will absorb less chlorine or saltwater, so be generous with the spritzes.

EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment: Brittle hair much? Desperate times calls for a targeted treatment like this one. You apply it before bed -- they swear it absorbs and won't leave residue on your pillow -- and the bio-ceramide complex works to improve hair's strength.

Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold UV Filter: Love this -- if you use hairspray anyway, why not try L'Oreal's cult-favorite spritz, now with added UV protection? Every little bit helps!

Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher: Let's file this one under the "It's About Time" category. Any brunette who colors her hair knows it's a constant (losing) battle keeping the color from turning reddish and brassy. Use this five-minute, ammonia-free gloss treatment at home to tone down yellow, red, and orange tones in between salon appointments. Genius!

Now that you've got your hair under control, check out the UV wristband that alerts you when it's time to reapply sunscreen.