Dr. Gross' new zit-zapper, Trifix. Courtesy photo

When StyleList first reported on Dr. Dennis Gross' new breakout-fighting superpower, Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion, I thought: 'Wow, that sounds great for people who have zits."

And then I became one of them.

Seemingly out of nowhere (in hindsight I blame a hectic travel schedule paired with exercising outside in hot, humid weather) my face was sporting more than a few lovely pimples.

I know from years of interviewing Dr. Gross for skincare articles (not to mention the many trips to his NYC office) that he is a true expert in the field of acne, so when I showed him my zitty face and he handed me a bottle of Trifix, I had high hopes.

Trifix uses not one, but three acne-fighting ingredients to diminish pimples -- colloidal sulfur, willow bark extract (the natural form of salicylic acid), and farnesol (the natural form of benzoyl peroxide).

Dr. Gross is so excited about the results he's been seeing with Trifix that he's using it on many acne-sufferers that normally would be candidates for Accutane.

And this is awesome: you know how benzoyl peroxide bleaches out your sheets and towels? Farnesol -- the natural form of the ingredient -- doesn't do that! It's got all of the anti-acne power, but none of the annoyance of ruining your new towels.

As for me, I applied a thin layer to my breakout areas at night for about three nights, and by day four my pimples had retreated back from whence they came. They have yet to return.

Most importantly, my face wasn't all dried out and irritated, which is a common side effect from acne products.

Now I keep my bottle of Trifix on deck in case the pimples ever decide to come back. I'll be ready!

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