Queen Elizabeth stained dress blue broken handbag

Apparently royalty isn't immune to a fashion mishap (or two). Queen Elizabeth in a stained dress, and with her broken purse. Photos: Indigo/Getty Images

Yes, even the Queen of England has one of those days!

As she helped King Constantine blow out 70 candles at a birthday soiree in London last night, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth suffered two -- count 'em, two -- wardrobe malfunctions: coffee stains on her dress and a broken handbag strap!

"If it was a waiter, I wouldn't like to be the person who did it," an observer told the UK's Daily Mail of the java spill that spotted up Her Majesty's signature blue gown. "The mark wasn't there when she arrived, it just suddenly appeared when she left."

Hmm.. maybe she got into a throwdown with Fergie over the recent bribery scandal? That might at least explain how the chain-link strap on the 84-year-old Queen's elegant handbag came undone.

Despite her fashion disasters, La Liz partied for hours alongside fellow royals -- including son Prince Andrew, daughter Princess Anne, Queen Sofia of Spain, and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, who hosted the bash at his London home -- and never lost her regal composure. In fact, she didn't even hide the mishaps from the awaiting paparazzi.

Another onlooker told the Daily Mail, "I think she's jolly brave to have walked out without getting someone to stand in front of her to cover it up."

Bloody hell, if we here at StyleList were in Queen Elizabeth's shoes, we'd have had that waiter beheaded.

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