sportiqe apparel world cup 2010 t-shirts red white blue united states green 10

Earn some sporty style cred with these World Cup T-shirts. Photo: Sportiqe Apparel

When the 2010 World Cup kicks off in South Africa on June 11, we will be sporting one serious style advantage.

ESPN, who's teaming up with Sportiqe Apparel, has taken its "One Game Changes Everything" ad campaign and turned it into one kick-ass T-shirt collection.

Fans of soccer teams from the United States, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and Spain can choose from five different designs and 36 styles that take inspiration from each country's colors, images, and fight songs. We're practically brimming with patriotic pride over the red, white and blue United States T-shirt, which features a subtle soccer ball graphic.

Other styles include vintage-inspired shirts emblazoned with the number "10" to represent the 2010 World Cup.

Find a selection of the collection now at, and later this week at Urban Outfitters stores,, and other online sporting goods retailers. Prices start at $29.99. Score!

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