scarlett johansson mtv movie awards 2010 green lace dress black belt satin pumps

Scarlett Johansson waved goodbye to her boobs at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Photo: Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Dressed in a Dolce & Gabbana green lace cocktail dress and black satin pumps, Scarlett Johansson looked picture perfect on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Unfortunately, she seemed to be missing two very important accessories: her breasts.

Johansson has always been proud of her ample assets, and has reportedly even referred to them as "my charms, my feminine wiles," but her leading ladies seemed to have said ta-ta to the movie awards.

Blame it on the Black Widow.

The once-buxom Johansson, 24, got herself into fighting form to play the butt-kicking, catsuited crime-fighter in "Iron Man 2" by following a regime that included crunches, squats, lunges, pull-ups, jumping jacks, planks, jogging, walking, and push-ups.

The intense training left the 5-foot-3, formerly curvy beauty with a sleek new physique -- and a workout routine she continues to follow.

"Eating healthy and getting fit is about commitment, determination, consistency, and the dedication to self-preservation," Johansson, who doesn't consider herself a "gym rat," told The Huffington Post in April.

"Once filming [of "Iron Man 2"] is completed, I'll no longer need to rehash the 50 ways to lift a dumbbell, but I'll commit to working out at least 30 minutes a day and eating a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins."

While StyleList applauds Johansson's effort to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, we'd like her to cut back on the cardio and chow down on a cheeseburger. We miss her supporting actresses and hope the girls make a comeback soon.

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