Rick DiCecca Estee Lauder

The concentration is evident as makeup artist Rick DiCecca focuses on breaking the world record of most lipstick applications in an hour. Courtesy Photo.

Estée Lauder Global Makeup Stylist Rick DiCecca must be suffering from carpal tunnel as he applied a record-breaking 303 lipstick applications in one hour at Macy's in Downtown Chicago on June 4, 2010.

"As a makeup artist, I'm used to working under pressure and this success was definitely a new and different way to challenge my skills," said DiCecca.

Curious shoppers lined up on the ground floor of Macy's on State Street starting at noon, and DiCecca made up lips assembly-line style with his favorite formula Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick as Guinness World Record officials looked on to ensure strict guidelines were met.

Yes! There are actually guidelines for applying lipstick to break a world record.

Rules instruct that lipstick must be applied evenly on both lips, with color neatly contained within the natural lip line. While any variety of lipstick can be used, each participant must get a different shade.

The previous record-holder was held by a makeup artist in Madrid, Spain with 180 applications in March. And prior to that, beauty giant Sephora kicked off the opening of their New York City Times Square store by breaking the record with 107 lipstick applications last July. And not to be outdone, another team of five Sephora makeup artists on the same day broke the record for the most amount of makeovers, with a total of 85 women given glam transformations in just 60 minutes.

Now that's what we call beauty in a New York minute.

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