The sweet summer weather is upon us and it's time to set forth to the beach. However when you're heading to the sandy shores, not just any old carryall will do. You need a sturdy (perhaps colorful) tote that will be able to cart all of your preferred accoutrement: a decent read, stashes of magazines, towels, paddle ball, plus sunscreen and most importantly, snacks!

Whether you prefer a lake or the ocean, a pool or a pond, one things for sure, the roomier the tote, the better. Those who are beachy keen won't be soaking up the sun just once the summer so why not invest in a bag that will keep you fashionable the whole way through?

Without further ado, we present the best beach bags of the moment that are under $100 (with one as low as $12!). So throw on your suit, grab your sea legs, and set sail.