Bob Harper 'The Biggest Loser'

Bob Harper has a new best friend. Photo: Getty Images

He may be of questionable pedigree, but personal trainer and big-time Subway ("Eat Fresh") supporter Bob Harper's -- of "The Biggest Loser" fame -- new best friend is definitely a creature of high fashion.

Joining Harper to put his clients through their workout paces is a precious black-and-white, housebroken shelter pup named for the trainer's favorite black-and-white-loving fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld.

The adopted dog's name was the only one Harper considered after he laid eyes on the pooch at the Animal Advocates Alliance rescue shelter in L.A.'s Baldwin Park, Harper told the Los Angeles Times.

(StyleList is guessing that it was the pup's dislike of "rounder" dogs that cinched the dog's name and the adoption.)

Harper reportedly had to be coaxed to the shelter by a friend who insisted the match would be love at first sight.

Initially, the trainer refused, claiming he was too busy with "The Biggest Loser," related projects, and his gig as contributor on "The Dr. Oz Show."

"I said OK, OK, I'll look at him, and, of course, there was no turning back," Harper told the paper.

And for those of you who fear that designer Lagerfeld might be offended by his namesake being a scruffy puppy from an, um, shelter, curb your designer heels.

Harper gave the newspaper a pic of himself, aptly dressed in black and white posing with his little Karl Lagerfeld, which had us dog lovers here at StyleList and sister site Paw Nation putting our own paws together with enthusiasm. Adorable!

Better yet, Harper says "Karl Lagerfeld" gives him a chance to advocate for shelter adoptions. "It just kills me when people spend money on a dog and there are dogs in shelters waiting for someone to take them," he said.

We think The Kaiser should send over a Chanel dog dish... pronto! Then again, the designer has yet to fulfill Lindsay Lohan's request to have her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet decorated by the fashion guru.

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