Bell and Miller smile for the cameras. Photo: Donna Ward, Getty Images

We know you probably want to hear about supermodel Marisa Miller's diet and workout, or how actress Kristen Bell keeps her skin flawless. And we'll get to that, promise.

But first a little background: These two stars teamed up with Cosmopolitan for their "Practice Safe Sun" campaign. Since Melanoma is now the most common form of cancer affecting 25-29 year olds, Cosmo has made it their mission to educate readers through numerous articles, and even testified before the FDA to help provide more regulation on tanning beds and more transparency about their (and the sun's) associated risks.

Now that we're up to speed, here's what Miller and Bell had to tell us about their beauty secrets when we caught up at a lunch today.

"For my job, I have to be tan most of the year," laments Marisa Miller, a top model for skin-baring magazines like Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. "I haven't been to a tanning bed in four years. It sounds like I've been sober!" She laughs. But Miller never looked back once she became aware of the risks [by reading about them in Cosmo, ironically]. "I had so much misinformation about tanning," she recalls of her beach bum days.

But now, at 31, her healthier lifestyle is paying off. "Makeup artists have told me that my skin looks better now than when I was, like, 24. We have so many great products now that there's no reason to put yourself at risk for a tan."

Miller on the runway. Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Miller's Tanning Tips: "Before work I get a spray tan." On her own, she hits the bottle: "Self-tanning products can be a little tricky, but I really like the lotions that have gradual tanning. They're more user-friendly."

Miller's Diet Tips: "It's really good to cut out soda, carbs, and alcohol, and anything that would make you puffy," she says of her pre-shoot preparation. If you have to slim down fast, Miller says, "Eat clean and have a lot of water 48 hours before."

Miller's Exercise Tips: "I like resistance bands because I can travel with them, and it's easy to watch TV and do it." What, no cardio? Sigh. While Miller is naturally thin, she still struggles to maintain some shape and muscle tone just like everybody else. "Toning exercises, that's kind of a big thing for me," says the supermodel. "I like to keep some of my curves and be a little soft and feminine."

Miller's Hair Must-Have: "I'm addicted to the Moroccanoil right now. It's really helped my hair, and I go through a lot of styling with my job. They have great masques."

Bell at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Photo: Jordan Strauss,

Next up, we chatted with Kristen Bell, who's bared her pretty pale skin on sun-drenched movie sets in Bora Bora ("Couple's Retreat") and Hawaii ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). Growing up in Detroit, the actress frequented tanning salons, having no clue that "the cool thing to do" came with damaging consequences.

"I went on one of my first dates to a tanning salon. The boy who took me thought it would be a really great idea to get a nice 'base' for the savage tans we would be getting on spring break," she recalls with the same dry wit we've come to love in her films. "I thought it was awesome. The information about what I was doing wasn't available to me," she recalls. Now, she urges women to wise up and realize that faux tans are the only way to go. "Even if you're just doing it for vanity, you'll get less wrinkles [by using self-tanner]. I don't care why you do it, I just want to see people getting less skin cancer."

Bell's Shoe Fetish: "I'm a shoe person. I borrow a lot of shoes, because then I find that the turnover rate makes you feel like you're getting new shoes all the time. I really like Brian Atwood." [He's totally having a moment right now, I mention to Bell.] "He sure is, and deservingly so." Bell is also a big fan of Jimmy Choo, and her petite frame got a lift from some black strappy platforms from the brand while we chatted.

Bell's Energy Secret: "Caffeine, to be totally honest with you. Green tea. I try not to do soda." I comiserate with the star about how exhausting it must be to go from event to event, appearance to appearance, and she reassures me that she hasn't lost sight of the fun of her job: "It's also is fun to see your girlfriends and wear a pretty dress. It's a part of the job. There's nothing bad about it, you just have to be energetic. So have a cup of green tea and you'll be fine!"

Bell's Sanity Secret: When I asked her, aside from avoiding the tanning salon, what other things she wishes she knew when she was younger, Bell said, "Don't take anything personally. Anything. I wish I knew that cause it would have saved me a lot of what felt like emotional roller-coasters."