British Prime minister David Cameron French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Size the issues. New British Prime minister David Cameron (left) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (right) at a press conference in Paris. Photo: Getty Images

Sounds like someone has a Napoleon complex...

According to insider police sources, tall, beefy bodyguards need not apply to protect French President Nicolas Sarkozy -- because the short-statured leader is allegedly worried about looking like a shrimp, the Telegraph reports.

Ugh -- heightist.

The petite Sarkozy -- who reportedly stands 5'5", an inch shorter than Napoleon -- is said to be so touchy about his height (or lack thereof) that he has allegedly banned "large-sized" men from his security team, sources tell Le Parisien.

"There's no point recruiting supermen," sources within the French police force allege.

In addition to reportedly preferring to be protected by armed Oompa Loompas (good luck with that), Sarkozy also wears stacked shoes, stands on his tiptoes in group photos, stood on a box while posing with President Obama for a recent picture, and is alleged to have shipped in short factory workers for a photo opportunity because, as his staff put it, "they were no bigger than the president," according to the Telegraph.

And don't forget our hunch that he's rigged the trip-plagued steps of The Elysée just so he can see what it feels like to look down on people...

What's next -- having his wife, the 5'10"former supermodel Carla Bruni, stand in a ditch? Watch your legs and keep your heels in a safe place, girlfriend!

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