GUCCI Kids Clothing Line Teddy bear logo gold

Golden child: The gilded teddy bear logo for Gucci's new children's collection. Photo courtesy of Gucci

Gucci Gucci coo!

BabyGap? Amateur hour. Gymboree? Puh-lease. If your little fashion plate is ready to hit the style major leagues, luckily, Gucci is launching a children's collection.

Set to be unveiled June 24 in Florence, Italy, the trendy togs are divided into two collections -- 0 to 2 years, and 2 to 8 years -- and will encompass runway playground-ready apparel, sunglasses, gifts, shoes and accessories, according to a company press release.

And since most of its target audience can't read, the designs -- which kick off with the Spring/Summer 2011 collection -- will be marked with a gold teddy bear logo (how very Kanye!) so that little Susie's playmates will know when to seethe with jealousy.

We can't wait to clap eyes on these designer duds for the diaper crowd. But splashing out big bucks to outfit a pooping, burping, drooling, and constantly growing kiddo in Gucci? We'll leave that to Katie Holmes.

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