lady gaga black hat lace jumpsuit

Graduation appropriate? If you're Lady Gaga. Photo: Splash News

We've subjected our siblings to some major torture in our day, but showing up to our kid sister's graduation -- from convent school! -- dressed as a beekeeper in drag? Now that's ice cold.

Still, when your big sis is known to the masses as Lady Gaga, you're sort of asking for it when you slip her an invite to your big day.

So little 18-year-old Natali Germanotta -- who appeared as an inmate in her sister's "Telephone" video -- couldn't have been too shocked at being overshadowed by Gaga, who turned up for the ceremony at New York City's Convent of the Sacred Heart wearing an Asian-inspired conical hat, a billowing black veil, black Chanel bag, nude lace bodysuit, and gravity-defying heel-less platform boots, the Daily Mail reports.

Way to blend in, girl! The nuns are no doubt still crossing themselves.

The Sacred Heart alum brazenly wore the controversial getup on the same day as the debut of her provocative "Alejandro" video, which features the pop star in a latex nun's habit and engaging in numerous blasphemous activities.

Here's hoping Natali at least got a sweet graduation gift to make up for her humiliation. And look on the bright side, sweetie -- knowing Gaga, it could have been much, much worse.

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