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Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic? Soooooo last season, darling.

Students at London's South Thames College are getting their education off on the right (but so, so wrong) foot by enrolling in the six-week Sexy Heels in the City college course -- all funded by British taxpayers, the Telegraph reports.

Described on Facebook as the "perfect unison of health and beauty" where women can learn "the healthy way to wear killer heels based on the Alexander [no relation to Miss J] Technique and be as sexy as they can [be]," the course is taught by one Chyna Whyne (you can't make this up), a former backing singer and self-proclaimed expert of the Mastering the Art of Wearing High Heels methodology, according to her bio.

Hey, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

"At some point, girls from the age of 15 upwards will start wanting to wear high heels," Whyne told the Telegraph, claiming the government-funded class will help her 16-year-old students climb up the corporate ladder.

"The point, if it's going to happen, the earlier younger ladies learn how to walk in heels, the better it's going to be in the long run -- with business and social lives.

"The statistics of women with shoe-related injuries and foot problems are unbelievably high."

No argument there. But perhaps this issue is better handled by the esteemed Dr. Scholl and not, say, an institution of higher learning?

A college spokeswoman tells the paper that the course -- which culminated in a runway show with the "girls showing off their walking ability in a 'catwalk-style' performance" -- was "an opportunity for the girls to improve their posture and confidence in a fun and light class."

"Since I started the course I've felt more confident in my heels," adds 16-year-old student Celina Mystery (seriously, who is naming these people?).

"I no longer feel pain on a night out because I know what exercises to do beforehand. I'm happy I joined the course and now I can finally rock my heels."

Goodness. And we thought the U.S. had a problem with pork-barrel spending.

Naturally, British taxpayers and business experts are reportedly criticizing the class as a waste of government funding.

"Take me back to college, and I can think of about 5,000 things that would serve me better in business life than that," businesswoman Annette Lees told the Telegraph.

"All due respect for having a good idea and taking it to businesses but don't take it to a college."

Should government-funded colleges be teaching girls how to walk in heels, or is that best left to marathon sessions of "America's Next Top Model"? Leave a comment!

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