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Tracy Morgan looks fit and fashionable while strolling in New York City. Photo: GRIFFITH/

Expect to see a lot less of Tracy Morgan when "30 Rock" returns this fall.

No, the hilarious comic actor isn't scaling back his workload -- he's turning back the scale. Morgan, 41, has peeled off 10 pounds thanks to a new diet and fitness regime.

"I use NutriSystem," he revealed to at a June 8 Friars Foundation event in NYC. Morgan added that he munches whatever is allowed on the plan, including "Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Raisin Bran; they have nutrition bars that are delicious. I have them in my house."

The blunt comedian confesses that he does occasionally allow himself a few indulgences. His favorite cheats? "Hot dogs and cheeseburgers," he told the site.

Besides eating healthier, Morgan has also been working up a sweat for the past year with trainer Colleen O'Brien. Their routine includes Pilates, but, he said, "We do kickboxing and other stuff too. She's tough on me, but at the same time, she loves me, and she doesn't treat me bad in the gym."

Morgan said he was motivated to get in shape because he is diabetic and also wanted to lower his blood pressure.

As long as he loses pounds and not his funny, it's all good.

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