woman purple dress

Gertie Hirsch from Queens, NY, in a dress of her own design. Photo: Courtesy of Gertie's

Sewing bloggers have created their own niche corner on the internet. And since it is sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, we've done it for you with our preferred list of indie design darlings:
  • Gertie's: Structured along the same lines as the "Julie and Julia" experiment - where a young Queens woman set out to make every recipe in Julie Child's first book - Gertie Hirsch, also from Queens, is making all fourteen outfits from her favorite 1950s sewing book, Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing. The resulting garments are fashioned after Dior's New Look with full-skirted dresses and vintage boleros. Gertie also includes posts on other interesting projects and tutorials.
  • Six and a Half Stitches: Bring a little poetry into your sewing circle with the Six and a Half Stitches blog. The Australia-based site, which is run by Allison Brookbanks, combines musings on sewing, art, and life via carefully crafted text, beautifully rendered patterns, and smart photography.
  • Sweet Sassfras: Sarai of Sweet Sassafras is a star among the sewing blogosphere. As the creator of vintage chic Collette Pattern, she writes and photographs a lifestyle that is dedicated to creating beautiful patterns. Inspirational and sweet, it draws you in upon the first click of the mouse.
  • SewChic: Ruth and Jessica are a mother and daughter team who create eye-candy projects, like a Toddler Twirly Skirt and Fabric Flower. They have a zest for color and a knack with turning quilting fabrics into must-have items for children.
  • Ali Foster Patterns: During the day, Ali Foster sells handbag and wallet patterns and on the side curates a blog that features the prettiest little sewing things such as retro print patterns and Peter Pan collars.
  • Behind the Seams: Gigi Sews of Behind the Seams (not to be confused of America's Most Stylish Blogger Trang Huyen who runs a blog of the same name) is like the best sewing friend you'll ever find. Gigi combines great tutorials like the Hong Kong finish with gorgeously executed projects and great vintage pattern finds. It's as though you have stepped into her sewing studio and once you do, you won't want to leave!
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