Kate Moss dark roots blonde extensions white t-shirt jeans belt

Kate Moss goes back to her roots. Photo: Laurent Despois / Splash News

Exiting London's Hazlitt's hotel, Kate Moss modelled what seemed like souvenirs from her recent holiday in Ibiza: beachy blonde hair, a sun-kissed dark tan, and, er, even darker roots.

The look is quite a turnaround for the skinny British supermodel. Just weeks before, she sported shoulder-length locks to the opening of Topshop's Knightsbridge store, reports the Daily Mail; now, however, her hay-colored hair hung down well past her chest and olive Fiona Paxton Surat necklace.

Either someone's been tippling the Miracle-Gro, or we'd guess that Moss has had the help of more than a few hair extensions.

As for the 36-year-old's dark roots, don't think for a minute that this trendsetter couldn't be bothered to touch-up her tendrils. Visible roots are very much in style -- not unlike the gray streaks Moss showed off five months ago at her Longchamp handbag launch in Paris.

In fact, in recent months, stars including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a whole flock of winged Victoria's Secret Angels have kept their roots dye-free.

So there you have it: The answers behind Moss's new 'do.

Actually, we have one more question: The woman is worth millions - can't she afford a hairbrush?

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