Katherine Heigl's helmet hair. Photo: Getty Images

Talk about the mother lode.

Katherine Heigl wore an inexplicably mom-ish hairstyle to last night's London premiere for her new movie "Killers."

Even though the 32 year-old star is herself a new mom, she's way to young for this dowdy, mid-century mother hair.

Betty White could teach her a coif trick or two!

The whole perfectly sculpted, helmet-head style is just universally unflattering. Popular in the 60s and 70s, it came back for a brief moment in the late 80s, when perms, fine-toothed combs and too much Aquanet merged to create a rocker version of the helmet head, but was then thankfully made extinct by the "I-Don't-Care-Hair" of the 90s, which is making a major comeback for Fall 2010 (thank you, Kate Moss!).

If Heigl (and her hairstylists) were intending to rock the intentional perm -- a look that first emerged on the Spring 2010 runways -- she should take a cue from Marion Coitillard or Alexa Chung, who have both recently worn curly hair with gorgeous success.

What made her do it? We'll never know, and though Heigl's hair may look like an old fashioned permanent, we really hope it's not permanent.

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