renee zellweger sheer black top white bra sunglasses short blonde hair

Ladies who lunch... And we're talking about Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper's mom. Photo: Humberto Carreno/

They say love is blind -- and maybe that explains how Renée Zellweger could choose such unfashionable attire for lunch with her fiancé and future mother-in-law.

Wearing little makeup, messy hair, a sheer black shirt that exposed her white bra, and cuffed cargo pants, the usually stylish star appeared to have left her impeccable taste at home when she dined with beau Bradley Cooper, his mom, Gloria, and Zellweger's dad, Emil, at New York City's Tribeca Grand on June 9, the Daily Mail reports.

Clearly, the 41-year-old Oscar winner feels comfortable around "The A-Team" star Cooper and his clan. In fact, things are said to be so serious between the couple -- who began dating last July -- that rumors are swirling they'll wed soon.

According to a report in Star magazine, Zellweger was spotted last week at the West Hollywood boutique of her favorite designer, Carolina Herrera.

After two hours of browsing -- and having a rack of wedding dresses wheeled by -- the divorced actress, who wore a strapless bamboo twill Herrera for her quickie May 2005 wedding to country star Kenny Chesney, exited the shop carrying a garment bag.

We hate to say it, but Zellweger probably would have looked more stylish in that bag than her lackluster lunchtime getup.

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