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Is it any wonder 94 percent of women with curly hair claim frizz is their number one hair-hating issue?

It's not just those with coiled coifs either. Frizz tops the charts as the biggest complaint among all women. Why? It's an uncontrollable, hair-wrecking, bad-hair-day-in-the-making mess.

But before you decide to lop it all off in a moment of sheer frustration (which, by the way, pixies are all the rage right now if you really can't take it!), here are some tips for your tattered tresses from celebrity stylist, David Evangelista.

"As the hair gets old," he tells StyleList, "it becomes more porous and allows the cuticle to absorb moisture -- therefore, when humidity sets in, the hair cuticles swell from this action and expand causing the hair to spread and twist creating frizz."

"Hair, in general, is dead matter on our heads," he says. "It produces no moisture, so we have to get the moisture from an outside source, via scalp oils or products."

For those of us with curly or wavy hair, Evangelista recommends Keratin treatments -- a chemical treatment that eliminates frizz and tames curly hair with easy styling. "They are a BIG trend right now," he says. When styling dry curls, rub a bit of styling wax through the hair and then twist small sections into tighter curls with a curling iron. This will seal your beautiful waves. Finish off with a moisture-barrier hairspray.

On the other hand (or head), women with straight hair can start bringing their mane back to its sleek and smooth self in the shower by using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Then, when styling dry hair, start with a heat protecting spray and a warm flat iron. Finish off with a dab of silicone to tame potential frizz throughout the day.

But beware of over-styling. Evangelista says too much heat from hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons can lead to frizz and damage the cuticle.

There are natural treatments to tame your frizz too. "I LOVE linseed oil," says Evangelista. "This is an oil you can find in a health food store. Artists use it to keep the hairs on the paint brushes smooth and moist, so imagine the same effect on your hair."

And while a big frizzy mess would lead many of us to pull out the brush and go to town with it, Evangelista says that's a big no-no. "Brushing the hair vigorously is a terrible idea for frizzy hair. It will expand and stretch the cuticle way out creating an even bigger mess."

When worse comes to worst, you can definitely make a fashion statement with frizz. says Evangelista. "Think 70s disco!"

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