Miko and Titi Branch, sisters and creators of Miss Jessie's. Courtesy Photo

Curly-haired sisters know that finding a product that works is like searching for the holy grail.

It was this kind of frustrating search that led half Japanese and half African-American sisters Miko and Titi Branch to create their own haircare line, based on recipes their own grandmother brewed in the kitchen to treat the girls' style-resistant and unruly hair.

"We would have to go to stores, buy up a bunch of different products, and make up our own cocktails, using them in ways that they weren't intended to be used in order to get an end product that would work. We finally realized that we wouldn't get that perfect solution unless we created it ourselves," says Titi.

After years of a successful Brooklyn-based salon business where they sold their mixtures, the sisters have gone national.

In addition to a Manhattan salon opening on July 1st, Miss Jessie's -- named for grandma -- expanded to Target just weeks ago, where products are flying off the shelves. Salons nation-wide carry the brand too, as well as New York's Ricky's beauty supply store.

At the elegant white-on-white and chandelier-ed salon launch in downtown New York that felt more like a bustling family reunion of clients with little ones and husbands in tow, Titi revealed to StyleList the secret behind beautiful her curls.

"Women want to capture the look of their curls when hair is wet -- it's the shrinkage during the drying process that changes that. After you wash your hair, squeeze out all the excess water, and then apply a product like the Curly Pudding. Then let your hair dry without touching it," advises Titi.

The best-selling "pudding" contains aloe vera gel and a blend of secret oils that claims to maintain the look of curls in their plump, hydrated state, preserving an elongated sexiness. (We tried to get the formula, but the sisters wouldn't budge.)

Sounds like grandma taught the girls the art of the trade secret too.

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