fergie fifa world cup kick-off concert claws Shane and Falguni peacock bodysuit

The claws are out. Fergie performs at the FIFA World Cup Kick-off Concert in a bodysuit and serious digits. Photo: AFP/Getty Images.

The Black Eyed Peas may have rocked the house at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa, but don't go giving Fergie a celebratory high-five just yet.

The singer donned lethal-looking claws on her fingers as she took the stage in a sexy and strong gladiator-esque costume by Indian designers Shane and Falguni Peacock.

Boasting linebacker-worthy padded shoulders and an elaborate breast plate, the metallic bodysuit looked tough as nails on its own, but it's those frightening black-and-white talons (eat your heart out, Lady Gaga!) that really upped the ante.

"Keeping in mind her performance, we have designed a belt with 3D embellishing that she will wear when she walks into the stage, but she'll fling it off dramatically before she starts singing," designer Shane Peacock told the Indian Express.

"It is sexy and edgy."

Not to mention sharp as hell! The designer also told the paper that Fergie had requested a futuristic getup that had African influences in a nod to the World Cup's host.

Meanwhile, as expected, Shakira performed at the event in the tribal Roberto Cavalli creation we revealed earlier this week.

Wow. Between all this fashion and Cristiano Ronaldo's abs, this World Cup just might give us a new appreciation for -- gasp -- sports bars.

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