Kylie Minogue black dress garter amfAR 2010

Kylie Minogue shows some leg (and garter) in black Jean Paul Gaultier. Photo: AP

Victoria's Secret, here we come!

Garter belts and other racy hosiery are enjoying a boost in sales thanks, British department store Debenhams says, to warm weather and celebrity trendsetters, the Daily Mail reports.

Katy Perry will take those flowers anytime, guys.

"The unpredictable spring and summer weather as well as a growing number of celebrities showcasing their stockings on stage and at star-studded events may be behind the trend," Debenhams spokeswoman Ruth Attridge told the paper.

"We've had to change our buying patterns to accommodate customer demand."

As we previously reported, stars like Perry, Lily Allen and Taylor Momsen have been seen out and about with exposed garters, while pop diva Kylie Minogue also recently rocked the sexy boudoir belt.

Looks like their "hard work" paid off -- Debenhams claims that their most popular style -- a black garter with sequins, embroidery and bows -- has seen a 238 percent sales increase in the last month, according to the paper.

Of course, one celeb by the name of Mother Nature may also be playing a part.

"Our British summer has started in the traditional way with frequent spells of sun and rain in the same day, leaving British women up in air about what to wear," explains Attridge.

"Stockings and suspenders [Brit terminology for garters], just like leggings, have become the popular alternative to tights.

"They provide coverage for legs on an unexpectedly chilly day, but at the same time are cooler than tights and far more comfortable to wear in over-heated City offices."

And did we mention that they make a great hiding spot for your dollar bills!

So go on and flash those thighs, ladies. But maybe lay off the minis for a while, yeah?

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