Tory Burch

New York City-based dermatologist Patricia Wexler is the woman behind Tory Burch's glowing skin. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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With warm, sunny days ahead, women all over are in search of beautiful skin. And we're totally in envy of Tory Burch and her year-round glow. Check out the fashion designer's summer beauty essentials including her go-to tinted moisturizer and lip color. Tory Burch Talks Summer Beauty Staples -

While you're on the quest to achieving a flawless complexion, make sure to stay on top of acne. Plastic surgeon Dr. Minas T. Chrysopoulo breaks down the dos and don's of treating and preventing blemishes and scars. Damage Control - TeenVogue

Beachy waves
are the must-have 'do this season. But what exactly is the hair styling trick to nailing perfectly tousled locks like stars Amanda Seyfried, Keira Knightley, and Sarah Jessica Parker? Read on to find out which step to skip for roughed-up waves. A New Easy Trick for Messy Waves - Glamour

The need to look and feel youthful is a huge part of what drives the plastic surgery industry. Women, men, and even teenagers pay millions of dollars just to have the perfect nose, breasts, and derrière. But the youth of Australia have found another route to "reclaiming their youth." Teens Having Cosmetic Surgery to Feel Young Again - AOL Health

If you're as geeked as we are about the launch of the new iPhone 4, there's something to get even more excited about. Among the many perks, the gadget includes a built-in video calling feature called FaceTime. Read on for simple beauty tips on how to look your best in hi-res. A Beautiful Thing on the New iPhone 4 - Allure