Alexander McQueen Kate Moss hologram Fall 2006 runway

Alexander McQueen's unforgettable Kate Moss hologram from his Fall 2006 show. Photo: Andy Paradise, WireImage

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Er, maybe not.

A hologram of a blonde woman in a floating dress that's being featured in a new ad for Cadbury Flake may land the chocolate maker in court, WWD reports.

The Gucci Group, which owns the Alexander McQueen fashion house, is considering a lawsuit against Cadbury because of similarities to an iconic hologram of Kate Moss used in the late McQueen's legendary Fall 2006 show, according to the paper.

Not helping matters is the fact that the man behind the Cadbury hologram, film and music video director Baillie Walsh, is the one who reportedly collaborated with McQueen on the 2006 hologram.

"We were aware of Baillie's work with Alexander McQueen and others when we commissioned him to reflect the delicacy and fragility of the folds in the Flake bar," a Cadbury spokesman told WWD.

"We felt Baillie's unique house style was exactly what we were looking for."

But if Cadbury comes out with little armadillo heels made out of fudge, we're making a citizen's arrest...

So, did Walsh rip himself off, or should he have the right to work with others if that is his signature style? Watch the video and leave a comment.

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