Julien Macdonald tall model catwalk London Fashion Week Fall 2009

Designer Julien Macdonald on the runway with a long and lean model. Apparently, the way he likes 'em. Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes fashion designers are better seen and not heard.

Case in point: Welsh designer Julien Macdonald, who joins the ranks of Karl Lagerfeld in the foot-in-mouth department, after calling plus-size models a "joke," The Sun reports.

Macdonald made the controversial comments after defending "Britain's Next Top Model" -- on which he now serves as a judge -- and its decision to not follow in the footsteps of "America's Next Top Model" by featuring curvier contestants, according to the paper.

"There were no plus-size models," Macdonald reportedly said of the show's sixth season.

"This is a serious show. You can't have a plus-size girl winning -- it makes it a joke.

"It's not fair on them -- you're setting them up for a fall. I know what would happen to them. They are looked down on."

Wow -- don't hold back, Jules. Although, if we wanted advice on body image, we don't think we'll be turning to the guy who once wanted Amy Winehouse to be his model.

Macdonald, a London Fashion Week fixture, isn't the first "Next Top Model" judge to talk smack about plus-size models. As we previously reported, "Australia's Next Top Model" judge Charlotte Dawson called the curvy craze "tokenism," saying that plus-size models would be stuck modeling for Target. (Um, not a bad job if you can get it.)

Ugh. Thank God we Yanks still have curve-happy Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley on our side!

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