Get summer-ready upper arms. Photo: Getty Images

Are you constantly carrying a cardigan or a wrap, even though it's 85 degrees out? We know the feeling. You may have the right to bare arms, but you can't stand the sight of yours.

Luckily the Daily Mail has come up with a slew of beauty treatments to help quell a host of upper-arm woes.

If it's crepey, sun-damaged skin that's bothering you, try new Restylane Vital for skin-plumping and retexturizing. You'll need multiple, tiny injections of the hyaluronic-acid-based gel beneath the surface of the skin, which takes 30-60 minutes and doesn't hurt, though you'll need to spend an hour beforehand slathered with anaesthetic cream, and repeat this process three times over a six-week period to see results.

For a more effective skin-tightening treatment, Thermage CPT may be the way to go, but it's not widely available yet. According to the Daily Mail, one of the main drawbacks to this procedure is that it's quite painful, so treatments had to be tailored to what patients could tolerate. CPT, the new version, stands for 'comfort pulse technology': a vibrating handpiece that delivers the treatment means that the pain it causes dissipates more quickly through the skin, so that a larger area can be treated at once.

And then there's BodyTite, a brand-new radio-frequency assisted liposuction treatment that employs a pronged instrument to deliver skin-tightening radio-frequency energy to slack tissues, while burrowing a laser probe into the fat beneath the skin, melting it and then sucking it out. That sounds scary and expensive, but for some, it's a better option than the scarring associated with an arm-lift, which are often not very effective.

On a budget? There's always the gym.

Good, old fashioned push-ups can foster the same results -- just get started now so you won't be sweating under that "cover-up" while everyone else rocks their sexy new cut-out swimsuits.