Sarah Palin at The Belmont Stakes. Photo: epa/

Sarah Palin may be carrying a new pair of girls -- and we're not talking about another bundle of joy.

The internet is a flurry with 'Boobgate' breast augmentation rumors after the former veep candidate attended the Belmont Stakes in a body-hugging t-shirt that appeared to show off some firm new assets.

And a source close to Palin reportedly divulged that Palin's foxy figure has had the help of a boob job, reports US Weekly.

After refusing to comment on the issue, Palin finally addressed the growing rumors on Fox News.

"No, I have not had implants. I think a report like that is as about as real and truthful that Todd and I are divorcing or that I bought a place in the Hamptons or that Trig is not my own child. Boobgate is all over the internet because there are a lot of bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talking about," said Palin.

Now we call that a Palin-punch.

The AP reports that the Miss Wasilla pageant queen has been known to flaunt her sexy proportions by sporting a t-shirt in her college dorm days that read, "I may be broke but I'm not flat-busted" emblazoned across her chest.

Meanwhile, Gawker is contemplating possible reasons for the new endowment.

"Now that her maternal bosom is gone, what is causing this new situation? Weight gain? Menstrual bloat? The never-before-seen combination of a padded bra with a flimsy tee?"

Clearly, this one will go down as one of Victoria's biggest secrets.