Selfridges department store London England

U.K.'s Selfridges department store takes top retail honors. Photo: Getty Images

Team USA may have held off England with a 1-1 tie on Saturday, but when it comes to the World Cup of shopping, those Brits have come out on top.

The London flagship of Selfridges nabbed the enviable title of "Best Department Store in the World" according to the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores and the International Association of Department Stores, the Telegraph reports.

Poor Bloomingdale's. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Though plus-size shoppers may have a bone to pick with the store, Selfridges has a reputation for carrying luxury labels while nurturing fashion innovation and creativity with its Wonder Room.

And let's not overlook the store's revamped shoe department, which is poised to become the largest in the world when it debuts in September. Also, they sell Krispy Kremes.

"We are delighted to have won this very special award and very proud of our teams who have all contributed in making this happen," Paul Kelly, Selfridges vice-chairman, told the paper.

"This is very much in recognition of their hard work. This centenary-old brand built on the most extraordinary heritage, confirms that Selfridges is the most relevant and exciting department store today."

The highest award in the retail industry, the IGDS title -- which was won by Saks Fifth Avenue two years ago -- reportedly weighed factors such as in-store experience, customer service, and innovation strategies.

But don't get too cocky, you Brits. A little birdie (The Telegraph) tells us that the upscale store was founded by none other than American George Selfridge. How do you like them apples?

Meanwhile, British department store Debenhams is seeing a boost in garter belt sales.