The One-Hour Dress at Photo:

I really look forward to sewing in the summertime, since it's a season full of effortless dressing and easy fashions. Little finishing is needed to complete the garments and linings tend to be optional. And depending upon your own speed and efficiency, there are certain patterns that can be completed in an hour or less!

Here are some fun summer fashion projects that are instantly gratifying:
  • Chic Knit Dress: This cute little number from will literally only take an hour, as it's basically an offset rectangle. Add a belt, a chunky necklace, some fab heels, and you've got yourself a look that will go easily from day to night.
  • Quick Flapper Frock: When Mary Brooks Picken first introduced her one hour dress pattern in 1923, no one really believed that it could be done. Naysayers were shocked when the pretty flapper dress was completed in 34 minutes flat at a New York City demonstration. Picken's original One Hour Dress books aren't easy to come by but you can download a digital version of The One Hour Dress for $17 here.
  • Fast Summer Tote: One great thing about sewing is that you can color coordinate everything. Why not create a beach bag that matches your swimsuit and cover up? Plus, totes are easy to make, like this simple version from Lazy Girl Designs.
  • Flower Power: There are fabric flowers, and then there's this utterly fabulous chrysanthemum flower from sewing rock star Kenneth D. King. Pin this spikey blossom to a hat, purse, lapel, dress, or gown and get instant props from those in the fashion know.
  • Beginner's Mini Skirt: What's summer without a miniskirt, really? You can put one together without even having to unfold a sewing pattern. This simple pattern making tutorial relies on your favorite skirt from your own closet as the template. Once learned, this a technique you could apply to all your beloved garments.
For more DIY Design articles, click here. Next week, sew your own chic beach hats.