From left to right, fashion stylist GK Reid, Markus Klinko, Naomi Campbell, and Indrani. Photo courtesy of Markus Klinko and Indrani

The list of iconic faces who have been captured by the artful lens of photographer Markus Klinko and his creative partner, former model Indrani, is a who's who of fame, fortune, and fashion: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and many more.

Now, Bravo has turned its reality lens on the duo's complicated personal lives for the new docu-series "Double Exposure."

Klinko promises the series will offer an authentic behind-the-scenes look at shoots with Gaga, the volatile Campbell, Lohan (pre-SCRAM alcohol-monitoring anklet), and more.

"We barely knew the Bravo cameras were there," he tells StyleList.

There's one complication, though: Klinko and Indrani, a couple for eight years, have parted as romantic partners. Their tense but kinetic working relationship may ultimately be what makes this a juicy reality bite.

StyleList: We get the sense that you bicker a lot.
Indrani: It looks like we're fighting a lot but it's part of our creative process.
Markus Klinko: We've come to recognize those disagreements as our strengths. We trust each other enough to be brutally honest. And we shoot from different points of view, which ultimately gives our work more depth.

SL: So who is the biggest diva we'll see this season: Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, or Lindsay Lohan?
Indrani: Each was difficult in her own way. They are artists. They have strong opinions, but they also trust us. When they were difficult, we think it was more fun for viewers and more fun for us.
MK: They were not moments staged for television. We are trying to get an iconic image out of them that will define them, so there are inevitable conflicts.

SL: Many actresses and models are rejecting the Photoshop treatment. How do you feel about retouching?
Indrani: A lot of people use retouching to make people conform to a certain Barbie ideal, and that's not my aesthetic at all. I see Photoshop as something that lets our subjects know they don't have to worry. It's hard to be deep and meaningful when you are thinking about your hair blowing in your face or sucking your stomach in.
MK: This came up when we did the shoot for Mariah Carey's comeback album ["The Emancipation of Mimi"]. The work we did with her was very significant, but then Perez Hilton began referring to us as Mimi's retouchers. What I want to say is that it should not always be criticized. The most important thing about post-production is how much freedom it gives us on our shoots. We can have people running, jumping, and being themselves and not being uptight. It can be a positive thing.

SL: Any tips on looking more like a supermodel in our own photos?
Indrani: Take the time to work out what it is you want to represent. So many people think about what they are going to wear, their hair, their makeup. Spend more time thinking about who you are, where do you come from.
MK: I say let's not think so much about stuff and just do it. Have fun, especially in the age of digital. Just keep clicking. It's not like you're wasting film. Eventually you'll come up with something you love.

SL: Your favorite photographic subjects?
MK: Of all these amazing divas I would pick Lady Gaga. But there are others that stay with me. Keanu Reeves was great, but so was Beyoncé, Eva Mendes, Britney. This is a hard question because our images are our children. We were a couple for so long and we never had children. Each time we've had someone new to work with it's been a bit like expanding our family.
Indrani: My favorite subject is the children at my school in India, which is run by my father. [Indrani co-founded and supports Shakti Empowerment Education or, which provides free education to 300 impoverished children in her native Calcutta.] These children are so full of meaning to me and meaning is what I look for in my subjects.

"Double Exposure" premieres June 15 at 10pm ET on Bravo.

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