Princess Heeled Sandals pink little girl shoes

Princess Heeled Sandals. Photo: ASDA

Will Suri Cruise's reign of terror ever end?

The fashionable four-year-old has become Public Enemy No. 1 in a new campaign aimed at convincing retailers to stop carrying high heels for little girls, the Daily Mail reports.

Cruise kicked off the trend after sporting high heels (which mom Katie Holmes explained were actually ballroom dancing shoes) on numerous occasions -- but British parenting group Mumsnet is now putting its foot down with the launch of its new campaign, Let Girls Be Girls, according to the paper.

The campaign is reportedly asking U.K. shops like GapKids, Next, and Asda to sign a code of practice in which they agree to not sell products that "prematurely sexualize children."

"Some of the shoes I have seen on sale look more suited to a lap-dancing club than the feet of a young girl," Mumsnet spokeswoman Justine Roberts told the paper.

"The items in question are prematurely sexualizing young children. We are saying to retailers, 'Have a look at your range and ask yourselves if these items are appropriate.'

"Some of the school shoes Tesco sells have got a two-inch heel. You shouldn't have a high heel if your feet are developing.

"Young girls always want to dress up and emulate adults, and that's fine. But when the bulk of the range on offer is like this, then it is making our children grow up too fast."

That's it, Suri -- you're grounded!

Podiatrists also warn the Daily Mail that kiddie heels can cause injuries.

"The fact children can wear these is worrying," podiatrist Gregor McCoshim told the source.

"Any heel above 2cm increases the risk of twisting your ankle.

"If kids do that it makes them more likely to suffer a similar injury again. Repeated injuries can make them more likely to develop arthritis."

Yikes. GapKids, however, told the paper that their heels had been tested for safety, while Asda claimed that it had yet to receive any complaints. And what of Next?

"Their popularity suggests many parents agree we've come up with a look that's special without seeming inappropriately grown up," a store spokesperson tells the Daily Mail.

Alrighty then! It looks like toddler heels will live to see another day, but what's your take? Are they too sexy, or totally harmless? Leave a comment!