pregnant woman pink high heels white dress

Baby on board? May need to kick those heels to the curb. Photo: Getty Images

Pass the birth control, please!

We're hitting the snooze buttons on our biological clocks thanks to a new warning by podiatrists urging pregnant women to stop wearing flip-flops, ballet flats, and -- say it ain't so! -- high heels, the BBC reports.

There is one silver lining: No more Uggs.

The footwear ban comes after a new poll for Britain's Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists found that seven out of 10 mamas-to-be suffered foot ailments after wearing the shoe styles, according to the news service.

Of the 1,000 pregnant women surveyed, 45 percent reportedly had swollen feet, 37 percent battled swollen ankles, and 16 percent suffered arch and heel pain during their pregnancy.

The poll also reportedly found that 66 percent of respondents wore flip-flops, 32 percent wore heels, 53 percent wore ballet flats, and 30 percent wore Uggs -- none of which provide ample support, podiatrists say.

"Weight gain and hormonal changes in pregnancy have a huge impact on the body," podiatrist Lorraine Jones told the BBC, noting that pregnant feet are "more prone to ankle and ligament strains on a daily basis"

"High heels alter your posture, shorten your calf muscles, and place increased pressure on your back and knees.

"In pregnancy this places extra pressure on your joints when they are already under strain -- which can result in a host of foot, leg, and back problems and could increase the likelihood of falls."

Boo. There's a lot of things we'd do for Jimmy Choo, but a sidewalk splat isn't one of them.

So, what -- are we all supposed to wind up barefoot and pregnant? No. Jones tells the BBC that wide-fitting, supportive footwear with a heel no higher than 1.2 inches is ideal.

Pregnant women should also hang up their high heels unless they are wearing them for a brief time only, she says.

"Many of the pregnant celebrities you see wearing high heels in magazines are attending events so, like them, try to keep your high-heeled, high-fashion shoes for a special occasion, and stick to a more supportive shoe on a daily basis."

Aye aye, captain. And if all else fails, we'll have people come over for nine months so we can lounge in our Louboutins.

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